Almeley Wootton’s 350th anniversary

In 2022 we celebrated 350 years of Almeley Wootton’s Quaker meeting house.
For an introductory leaflet explaining what Quakers do and believe and how we worship, you can download a leaflet, here.

For a 20 minute presentation outlining its history, the Prichard connection, why we think this is important, and how we celebrated it, why not watch this 20 minute video clip?

Picture of the 1675 deed of transfer
Almeley Quaker Meeting House deed of transfer to the meeting (1675)

This is the deed of transfer, in which Roger and Mary Prichard formally transferred ownership of the building to the Quaker ‘Particular Meeting’ (as they were then called). The building had been built a few years earlier, and used informally as a meeting house before formal transfer. The signatures of Roger Prichard and the mark of Mary, his wife, are on the bottom section of the document, each with a seal, adjacent (see below).

Roger Prichard’s signature
A picture of Mary Prichard's mark
Mary Prichard’s mark

Picture of a framed offical letter from Governor Duff of Pennsylvania, sent to Almeley in 1948
The letter of commemoration from the Governor Duff of Pennsylvania in 1948