Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting

Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting (SMAQM) covers a large geographic area from southern Herefordshire to mid-Shropshire and into mid-Wales. The Area Meeting has some of the oldest continually-used Friends Meeting Houses and is an active Quaker community.

Quakers in Britain

Quakers in Britain have a complex structure made up of different meetings, groups and committees. Britain Yearly Meeting is the charitable organisation which supports and works on behalf of all Quakers in Britain.

Crynwyr Cymru – Quakers in Wales (CCQW)

Crynwyr Cymru – Quakers in Wales (CCQW) is the organisation which draws together Quakers who live or worship in Wales. It works with the four associated area meetings in Wales and Southern Marches. It normally comes together three times a year to worship and plan the work.

Quakers in Wales

Crynwyr yng Nghymru


Woodbrooke is many things to many people. Our learning programmes inform and motivate Quakers, those of other faiths or none. Our inspiring venue in Birmingham offers space for meetings and events; and we welcome those looking for a unique bed & breakfast experience.

Almeley Village

Almeley is a rural village in southern Herefordshire.

Almeley Parish Council

The Pales

The Pales is a Historic Meeting House and burial ground with a Cottage attached, situated in a peaceful hillside setting in Powys close to its border with Herefordshire.
It is the oldest Quaker Meeting house in Wales and is of great emotional and spiritual significance to many both within and without the Quaker community. In July 2023 Friends agreed to gift The Pales to Addoldai Cymru, The Welsh Religious Building Trust thus ensuring its successful future.

The Pales, Llandegley (